Does a finished garage add value to your home?

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Does a finished garage add value to your home?

When it comes to home renovation, it’s hard to decide which project to prioritize and what will most impact the value of your home. A recent study reports that 86 percent of home buyers want garage storage space. If you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon, your garage can be the key to selling quickly and at the listed price or better.

People interested in buying a home want a garage that has a workshop, cabinets and shelves, dry walled and insulated, and a heater. When entering a garage, most seem to appear neglected or shrouded in clutter. A finished garage should blend seamlessly with your home, continuing the style and care you worked to achieve inside the home.

So what is the easiest and best ways to finish your garage, attract homebuyers, and create freedom from clutter and disorganization? Nothing feels colder or less inviting than grey concrete floors. But luckily this is an easy fix with an epoxy floor that can be installed quickly and offers multiple benefits.

Adding color to your garage only scratches the surface of what an epoxy floor can do for your garage. It not only protects your concrete from oil stains and chemical spills, but it’s also easy to clean and it’s low maintenance. Epoxy also protects your garage floor from dirt, dust and corrosive agents.

A dry walled garage also creates value. To make it even more valuable, give it a coat of paint that is more colorful than plain white. Color adds an aesthetic appeal that compliments your taste and the rest of your home. You can also add some custom decals or display some memorabilia. Enhancing the lighting is a great way to showcase and highlight the color you already have. A dim garage shouts “do not enter,” and you want the opposite appeal.

Another value-enhancer for oversized garages is extra space that can be formed into a workspace or recreation area for fitness machines. Having a designated area for projects or hobbies apart from storage or parking a vehicle is another way to showcase the potential for the space. This space can also be used for an art studio.

Your garage is an extension of your home. If your garage is freezing during the winter months, it will lack the attention it needs. And there is no reason to add a workbench to a garage that is sweltering during the summer heat. Adding heating and cooling regulation to your garage makes it easy to fully utilize the space year round. This way, your garage space is useful square footage that can be leveraged and converted.

Temperature is a big obstacle when it comes to finding garage renovation motivation. No one wants to be uncomfortable while renovating. If you are unable to install heating or cooling, consider some temporary options. Adding smart garage technology adds to the functionality and convenience of your garage.

With smart-tech, you can monitor your garage door from any location from your smartphone. You won’t have to worry about whether you left your garage door open or remember a key code. All you have to do is install a smart hub to your current garage door and download the app to your smartphone, and viola, you’re connected to your garage door at all times.

These renovations are sure to get your garage onto the house tour list with no problem. There’s no reason to hide your garage from guests or potential buyers, and a finished garage will add considerable value to your home, especially in a highly competitive market. Studies show that at the very least, you will enjoy an 80 percent return on your investment.