Home Maintenance Check List: The Ultimate Plan - Part I

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Home Maintenance Check List: The Ultimate Plan - Part I

Just like cars, your home needs special care to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs throughout the year. Without regular maintenance, you’ll likely stumble upon various frustrating, expensive surprises in your home that’ll cost you valuable tome and drain your bank account. But with regular property preventive maintenance, you’ll hone your handyperson skills and keep your home in tip-top shape.

Monthly home maintenance checklist: Some maintenance items require more attention than others. These tend to be things in your home that help keep everyone safe, so be sure to check in regularly and make sure they’re working. Here’s what you should do each month:

Test your alarms and detectors. Your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors are crucial to the safety of your family. Check them once a month and always have replacement batteries on hand. Also inspect your fire extinguishers and make sure they’re working.

Check and replace your filters. Your furnace, oven and vent filters should be checked every month to make sure debris isn’t preventing them from doing their job. Stock up on replacement filters for each appliance so you can swap in a new one at a moment’s notice.

Check pipes for clogs. Your kitchen sink, bathroom drains and garbage disposal might not be running efficiently if there’s even a minor blockage in a connected pipe. Check to see if they’re draining slowly by running hot water for about 30 seconds, then use a natural drain cleaning product to knock away the grime.

Check your air vents. Air vents can build up a lot of dust. Clear them up by turning off your HVAC system, brushing the walls to loosen any grime and putting your vacuum to work.

Check your sump pump. When it comes to leaky basements, your sump pump can make all the difference. This helpful piece of hardware may be the only defense you have against a full-fledged flood. Prevent a worst-case scenario by testing your sump pump on schedule.

Look for leaks or cracks in your faucets. A leaky faucet can waste water and boost your monthly utility bill without you noticing. Check the spout, the base and under your sink to see if any water is leaking or any moisture is outside the pipes. While you’re at it, inspect grout and caulk to see if any touch-up is needed to prevent seeping water damage.